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Gyozas / Pot Stickers

America’s Foods' gyozas and pot stickers are ready to heat and eat items. These delightful Chinese dumplings are filled with seasoned meats and mixed vegetables, then flour dusted and lightly seasoned. They are easy to prepare and are incredibly delicious appetizers.

Product Name
Product Code
Gyoza 77325
Pork Pot Stickers 77320
Chicken Pot Stickers 77321
Vegetable Pot Stickers 77322
Product Specifications
Package Count (Gyoza) 150
Package Count (Pot stickers) 100
Weight (Gyoza) 1 oz.
Weight (Pot Stickers) 1.25 oz.
Net Weight (Gyoza) 9.4 lbs.
Net Weight (Pot Stickers) 7.8 lbs.
Shelf life (frozen) 1 year
Shelf life (thawed) 3 days
Cooking Instructions

Deep fry @ 350°, 3-4 min. or until golden brown or steam at 210°, 12-15 min., then fried quickly to brown bottom. Serve with America's Foods' Sauces.