Kabob Meats
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Kabob Meats

America's Foods' chicken kabobs are produced from whole muscle chicken breast meat, which are skewered, and individually quick-frozen.

For an attractive display, dip kabobs in a rich thick sauce, such as America's Foods' Teriyaki Glaze / Sauce and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Product Name
Product Code
Raw BBQ Pork Kabobs 77223
Raw Beef Kabobs 77224
Raw Diced Chicken Kabobs 77220
Raw Chicken Thigh Kabobs 77225
Raw Chicken Breast Kabobs 77226
Product Specifications
Package Count 80
Weight 2 oz.
Net Weight 10 lbs.
Shelf life (frozen) 1 year
Shelf life (thawed) 3 days
Cooking Instructions

Deep fry @ 350°, 15-20 min. or in a conventional oven: 350°, 8-12 min. or in a microwave oven: high for 5-7 min. Serve with America's Foods' Sauces.