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Prepared Meats

America’s Foods' BBQ pork is produced from the leanest cuts of pork, which are marinated for 24 hours, then glazed with a honey and spice mixture giving it the traditional Asian flavor.

Product Name
Product Code
Diced BBQ Pork 77206
Raw BBQ Pork 77207
Raw Marinated Beef 77221
Raw Diced Chicken 77222
Product Specifications
Package Count (diced pork) 1
Package Count (pork & beef) 2
Package Count (chicken) 4
Weight (diced pork) 9.5 lbs.
Weight (pork & beef) 10 lbs.
Weight (chicken) 5 lbs.
Net Weight (diced pork) 9.5 lbs.
Net Weight 20 lbs.
Shelf life (frozen) 1 year
Shelf life (thawed) 3 days
Cooking Instructions

Cook until well done then add rice, noodles and / or vegetables. To cook raw BBQ pork, heat in a conventional oven: 400°, 40 minutes, turn after 10 - 15 minutes until cooked through.