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Wheat Noodles

America's Foods, Inc. offers a variety of fresh, locally-crafted wheat noodles.

Product Name
Product Code
Fresh Chow Mein 77401
Fresh Egg Noodles 77402
Fresh Udon 77403
Yakisoba Noodles 77404
Steamed Noodles (Small) 77405
Steamed Noodles (Medium) 77406
Steamed Noodles (Large) 77407
Product Specifications
Package Count 6
Package Count (Steamed Noodles) 2
Net Weight 5 lbs.
Net Weight (Steamed Noodles) 10 lbs.
Shelf life (frozen) 6 months
Shelf life (thawed) 7 days
Shelf life Yakisoba / Steamed Noodles (thawed)

2 weeks
Cooking Instructions

Bring water to a boil and cook noodles until they're cooked through, but still firm. Remove noodles, rinse under cold water and drain. For Yakisoba noodles, skip preceding instructions. Toss noodles about to prevent them from sticking together, then fry them, or add them to your stir-fry or soup.