Egg Rolls
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Egg Rolls

America’s Foods' egg rolls are made from traditional Chinese recipes and filled with a mixture of fresh meat or vegetables and Asian seasonings. They are then double dipped in batter and lightly fried in vegetable oil.

Egg Rolls are one of the most popular Chinese hors d'œuvre and are delicious when dipped in America’s Foods' sweet & sour sauce.

Product Name*
Product Code
Pork Egg Rolls WB 77300
Chicken Egg Rolls WB 77301
Vegetable Egg Rolls WB 77303
Chicken Egg Roll NB 77318
Vegetable Egg Roll NB 77319
Product Specifications
Package Count WB/NB 48/100
Weight WB/NB 3.5 oz./2 oz.
Net Weight WB/NB 10 lbs./12.5 lbs.
Shelf life (frozen) 1 year
Shelf life (thawed) 3 days
Cooking Instructions

Deep fry @ 325°, 6-8 min. or until golden brown or in a conventional oven: 400°, 15-20 min., turn after 7-10 min. Serve with America's Foods' Sauces.

*WB = battered; NB = non-batter